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Office Society Name E-mail Office Discription


Maitresse Ysabel de Saincte-Croix

Representative of the Crown & Ceremonial Head of State


Maitre Jean-Azriel du Corbier

Representative of the Crown & Ceremonial Head of State


Xanthe Yfantes
Leader and legal representative of the Barony.


THL Lord Sean MacRory
The Exchequer (treasurer) is in charge of the barony's finances.

Knight Marshal

Valdrick Albrightsson
The Knight Marshal is in charge of safety in combat activities.

Rapier Marshal

Dubhghal mac Pharthalainn
The Rapier Marshal coordinates light combat and rapier safety in the barony.

Live Weapons Marshal

HL Konrad Reinhard
Handles safety and coordinates Archery and Thrown Weapons activities for the Barony.

Minister of Arts & Sciences

Lady Isabetta di Rossi
The A&S Minister promotes research into medieval arts and sciences.


Lady Porfinna Masdottir
The Herald assists those who wish to register names and arms. The barony's voice at events.
Johann Frostason
The Chatelaine assists newcomers to the SCA and handles publicity for the barony.
Aethelwulf of Glaedenfeld
Is responsible for documenting important things done by the group
Minister of Children
Office Open
Responsible for coordinating children activities for group events.
Social Media
Katerina of Sørøya
Responsable for Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc....


Lord Morgan Archer
Responsible for maintaining groups web presence and updates.