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Greetings to the Known World from Ysabel de Sainte Croix and Jean-Azriel du Corbier, Baroness and Baron Glaedenfeld. It is our honor to be the Crown’s representatives in Glaedenfeld and the north western reaches of the Kingdom. Our primary goals are to serve the Barony with honor and offer some of the finest hospitality in the SCA.

If you are new to the SCA and are in the Middle Tennessee area, we hope you will visit us at an event, a meeting, a fighter practice, an A&S get together, or a potluck. We look forward to meeting you, and are happy to answer any questions you might have and introduce you to people with similar interests.

If you are an old hand at the SCA, joining us from another group or Kingdom, we hope to make you feel welcome.

The Middle Tennessee/Southern Kentucky area is blessed with a number of groups within a couple of hours of Nashville. Glaedenfeld is Nashville and surrounding areas. The Shires of Rising Stone (Murfreesboro & Franklin), Easaraigh (Cookeville), Crimson River (Clarksville & Fort Campbell), Loch Cairn (Manchester), Redwolfden (Murray) and Loch an Fhraoich (Bowling Green), and the Canton of the South Reaches (Pulaski) all offer welcoming people, activities, and an outlook to suit anyone’s needs and interests.